10 applications indispensables pour voyager.

Des applications et conseils par une blogueuse voyageuse ( Camille)  qui s’y connait.

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Note de la rĂ©daction de RadioSatellite : Ne pas oublier les applis de nos radios  😉

RadioSatellite (instrumentale) et RadioSatellite2 ( Pop Rock Oldies 80s)


Bon Voyage(s) et bonne lecture



Beaucoup d’articles ont dĂ©jĂ  Ă©tĂ© Ă©crits sur la question, et plutĂŽt que de vous noyez sous une liste d’applications au final pas si utiles que ça, je vous prĂ©sente aujourd’hui mes applications prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©es, testĂ©es et approuvĂ©es, celles que j’utilise systĂ©matiquement quand je pars en voyage. Le plus ? Elles sont toutes gratuites ! ——— Si [

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Holiday in Italy

Trip to ItalyPompeii / Pompeya / Pompéi / Pompéia




Travels in Finland and abroad

In English:

Holiday in Italy – Pompeii

Some years ago, we made an organized tour to Sorrento, Italy. Why Sorrento? We knew that it was a beautiful small town. In 2016 its population was about 16609 inhabitants. Sorrento offered a nice way to make short excursions on one’s own to the nearby places like Capri, Vesuvius and Pompeii. We also visited Naples, but I did not shoot many photos from there and that is why I am not going to post any posts from there.

Although it has passed many years since our visit, it is still in our memory. Capri is an island, where You could visit once in the life time. Same words are valid also for Vesuvius and Pompeii. I could visit Pompeii once more, because I love history and it was full of awesome history.

Welcome to walk with us thru my photos in these three

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Suivez Lulu en Nouvelle Zelande / Follow Lulu in New Zealand



Vous avez tous vu les photos et vidĂ©os, on est bien d’accord, le pays est un vĂ©ritable trĂ©sor pour les yeux. Mais d’un autre cĂŽtĂ© j’ai finalement eu l’impression de passer 3 mois en territoire europĂ©en. Je m’explique


Voila le petit dernier encore en direct de Nouvelle ZĂ©lande. Dans quelques heures, je quitterai le territoire Kiwi aprĂšs exactement 88 jours sur place.

Pour moi le bilan est mitigĂ©, j’attendais peut etre trop de cette terre Ă  l’autre bout du monde que finalement, il me semble qu’il m’a manquĂ© un petit quelque chose. Je suis tiraillĂ©e entre la beautĂ© et grandiositĂ© des panoramas et le manque de dĂ©paysement.

Vous avez tous vu les photos et vidĂ©os, on est bien d’accord, le pays est un vĂ©ritable trĂ©sor pour les yeux. Mais d’un autre cĂŽtĂ© j’ai finalement eu l’impression de passer 3 mois en territoire europĂ©en. Je m’explique!

Si le terme WHV ne vous dit rien et bien pour moi, c’est certainement le mot que j’ai le plus entendu ici.

Ce pays a un Ă©norme besoin de main d’oeuvre et pour y remedier tout en gardant ses frontiĂšres fermĂ©s, il existe

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What Each Character Of ‘Friends’ Would Earn In 2019 Betches — AllAbout

There are few things in life considered timeless, among them are The Beatles, red lipstick, and, of course, Friends. Seriously, that show kept me alive during my junior semester abroad in a city that’s tied for least things to do and worst food. If you’re ever in Spain, be sure to not visit to Salamanca.


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After about 15 years working in the meat industry, butcher Brian Kavanagh found he was concealing a secret.


Much of his adult life had been spent shaping, slicing and trimming animal products by the slab without a qualm – a career that began when he was just 16 in a small family-run butcher in Burnside, South Lanarkshire.

But as he stood silent behind the meat counter in Morrisons supermarket, aged 33, Brian couldn’t quite find the words to tell colleagues he had become vegan.

“I kept it to myself,” he said. “I didn’t tell anyone because I was worried about them making jokes. Before I just looked at it as a piece of meat going on a dinner plate but then you see it as an animal and not just a steak.

“I was a bit depressed, it just didn’t feel good, so I had to leave.”

Brian said becoming a butcher was the first job he picked at the Job Centre as a teenager – and it was “just something to keep my dad quiet”.

As an adult, he said eating meat such as steak or chicken was routine and he would often buy meat from work for convenience.


Vegan butcher

He first considered giving up animal products when his wife Rebecca became vegan, but it was the animal welfare documentary Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, that finally pushed him to make the change.

The award-winning film, directed by Shaun Monson, contains footage of the conditions inside factory farms. Now Brian, his wife and his two children, age nine and six, stick to a plant-based diet.

“Me and the kids would have separate meals from my wife,” he said. “Now it’s so much easier doing it together.”

Brian, who is now 36, gave in his notice to Morrisons and was eventually hired at the Glasgow base of Sgaia’s Vegan Meats, founded by Hilary Masin and Alberto Casotto.

“I was worried my background and my story might put them off, and they wouldn’t want someone who was a meat butcher for 15 years,” he said.

“But they were really excited about it and wanted me just as much as I wanted to work there.”

He now calls himself a vegan butcher.

By blending a combination of soy, gluten and spices, Sgaia’s creates a number of vegan products which they call ‘mheats’ – from staples like streaky bacon and burgers to more specialised foods such as charcuterie.

The firm supplies a number of restaurants and kitchens in Glasgow – including the pop-up Durty Vegan Burger Club.

The job transition was a worry for Brian but quickly soon after joining he helped to launch one of its most popular products – the vegan lorne sausage.

He said: “Making sausages was a big part of being a butcher. Once I saw how the [vegan] base was made I thought it would be interesting to try to play about with that and create a lorne sausage.

“All the feedback has been really good. We took it to a festival and some people were coming back two or three times.”

Recent years have seen a large rise in small food manufacturers marketing their products as a new form of meat, despite resistance around the world.

In the US, last week, the governor of South Dakota signed legislation that required “fake meat” products to be appropriately labelled as it “misled” consumers.

It came after the US Cattlemen’s Association lodged a petition calling for an official definition of “beef” and “meat” in 2018.

France has also banned labelling vegan or vegetarian products as a meat item to avoid confusion.

But regardless of labels, Brian claimed his own lifestyle changes have brought him nothing but happiness.

He said: “My skin was the first thing I noticed. I always had spots until I was 30, but my skin became a lot clearer. I feel clearer in the mind too.

“It’s that psychological thing – you eat something healthy, you feel good.”




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Le Manneken-Pis, la fontaine bruxelloise qui gaspillait son eau (vidĂ©o)

Le Manneken-Pis, la fontaine bruxelloise

#Bruxelles #Mannekenpis #Belgium #Belgique

Etrange et Insolite

À Bruxelles, les touristes viennent en nombre pour voir le Manneken-Pis uriner de l’eau. Mais la ville Ă©tait loin de se douter que ce petit jet gĂ©nĂ©rait un grand gaspillage.

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L’image du jour : Acadie dans le Maine, USA (vidĂ©o)

Etrange et Insolite

Acadia National park est une aire de loisirs de la cĂŽte Atlantique de 47 000 acres principalement sur l’üle des monts dĂ©serts du Maine. Son paysage est marquĂ© par des forĂȘts, des plages rocheuses et des pics de granit Ă©rodĂ©s, le glacier comme Cadillac Mountain, point culminant de la cĂŽte est des États-Unis. Parmi la faune sont les orignaux, les ours, les baleines et les oiseaux de mer.

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So , okay, I’m an island girl.

renxkyoko's space


I was taken aback when a co-worker asked me where I was born
  I answered the Philippines, of course
 then he said, ” I mean, on what island .?????” I thought for a minute before replying
 Luzon Island ???


I  told him I’d  always thought of my birthplace  as a country and not an island   ( if that makes sense). Well, the Philippines is comprised of 7, 641 islands ( or 7, 107  at  high tide, ha ha ) , and though I find  his question  a bit strange, I have to admit it   makes  sense
  After all, the former name of the Philippines was  Las Islas Filipinas ( as a Spanish colony.. .. islas means islands ) , Philippine Islands ( as  American colony) , Commonwealth of the Philippines, ( still American colony) , then Republic of the Philippines ( after independence)


So, I ran off to tell my Filipino co-worker and she was

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Cottage Bakery & Cafe – Pembina Highway

Dining with Donald

Every so often I run across a place, and wonder to myself, how did I miss this place for so long. Cottage Bakery on Pembina Highway is one such place. I lived just off Pembina and McGillivray for the best part of nine years. I was about four blocks from Cottage Bakery and yet somehow never managed to visit. In the end, my first visit came about 15 years after I left the area, because I needed change for the bus. I simply bought a coffee to go. However, that first visit was enough to convince me that I wanted and needed to return.

Cottage Bakery sign The sign on the blackboard on the north wall of Cottage Bakery.

Now it is possible That I dropped in once to pick up something in a hurry, but don’t remember having done so. What’s interesting, as the sign shown above indicates, I’ve been missing a

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DĂ©couvrez la Russie autrement : visitez l’üle d’Olkhon en SibĂ©rie! — Moi et mes zĂšles

VoilĂ  un endroit qui m’aura ravi le cƓur et l’esprit et dont je dois absolument vous parler! Cherchant un peu le calme et fuyant quelque peu les endroits trop frĂ©quentĂ©s ou tout du moins un tourisme de masse, je suis partie en Hiver pour dĂ©couvrir ce lieu si paisible. J’ai eu l’occasion d’y observer une faune et une flore incroyable et d’y faire des rencontres inoubliables

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rod best 5
Over the years Rod Best has been involved in training and
developing of singers and musicians as well as writing music
arrangements for small stage band through to large
orchestras, direction of major musical productions and song

He studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of
Music in Jazz Improvisation and Advanced Arranging,
developing a wealth of experience in composition and
arrangement in jazz and contemporary keyboarding styles.
He has also studied under some great Australian jazz piano
players including Tony Ansell, Mike Nock, Michael
Bartolomei, Chuck Yates, Judy Bailey, Dave Fennell, Vince
Genova and Kevin Hunt.

He studied at Jazz Worx in Brisbane and received an Associate Diploma in Jazz.

Rod is married to Jan and lives in Queensland, Australia.


Rod has released five instrumental albums called “Best Of Smooth”,
“The Best of Rod Best”,  “Groove On”,   “A Peaceful Place”
and  “The Next Level”  as well as a number of instrumental
singles including

“Sweet Emotion”,

“In the Groove”,

“Move ‘n’Groove”,

“Besty’s Bossa”,

“Lazy Days”,

“Turn Up the Heat”,

“Lasting Impression”,

“Going Places”,

“High Energy”,

“Piano Groove Time”,

“Smooth As”,

“Listen Up Now”,

and “A Good Note”

He has also completed a collaboration EP project with
“Light of Love” from Chicago called

“The Best Of Christmas”.

the best of christmas ROD BEST

the best of christmas ROD BEST

All Rod’s music is available at www.rodbestmusic.com

or from iTunes, CD Baby, Apple Music, Songtradr, Spotify or



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Alexa Amazon

Ce jour, nous avons dĂ©cidĂ© de tester un produit : Le “smartspeaker” (dit en français : L’assistant intelligent ).

Pour ce, nous avons reçu le “smartspeaker” de celui d’Amazon : Alexa. ( Alexa Echo Dot 2e GĂ©nĂ©ration)

Alexa Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa Amazon Echo Dot

Pour ĂȘtre franc, outre les usages partiels et rapides auprĂšs des entreprises et groupes qui nous avaient montrĂ©s Ă  l’Ă©poque ce produit,   nous n’avions pas eu l’occasion de le tester longtemps et d’une maniĂšre plus profonde.

Ce fut une vĂ©ritable joie et excitation que de paramĂ©trer ce petit joujou, qui du premier abord pourrait nous paraĂźtre comme “gadget ” mais au final, nous nous y habituons et il devient partie intĂ©grante du paysage de nos bureaux ( et / ou de nos maisons).

Il a fallu choisir entre la langue anglaise et française ( eh oui…Nous pouvons choisir la langue, cependant, ce qui en dĂ©coule est important:

=> Si nous optons pour le FR, nous serons connectĂ©s directement sur le “amazon shop” de france. Cad nous aurons tous les mĂ©dias, sites parlant français. Exit , les mĂ©dias autres que Français cad ceux des US et UK, russie, inde, arabes , hĂ©breux … bref toutes les langues du monde ( A la radio, nous sommes plus que polyglottes et plus de 15 langues cohabitent puisque nous diffusons mondialement et que nous ne sommes pas focalisĂ©s sur la France ou l’europe seulement).

Donc, il a fallu paramĂ©trer… Le français fut choisi in fine, Ă©tant donnĂ© que nous sommes Ă  PARIS  ( attention, nous parlons du Test effectuĂ© en français, cependant, nos diffĂ©rents “smartspeakers” dans nos studios , sont paramĂ©trĂ©s dans diverses langues. Selon la team / le pĂŽle en charge ( Nos Ă©quipes sont organisĂ©es par “continent + langue” )

Comme vous verrez sur cette vidĂ©o, en saluant Alexa, il a fallu la calmer et l’arrĂȘter 🙂  puisque la machine Ă©tait paramĂ©trĂ©e pour nous annoncer les principaux Ă©vĂšnements de la journĂ©e, rien qu’en la saluant ( “bonjour” ) : Donc ceci est Ă  revoir

C’est la faute de notre Ă©quipe qui a voulu s’amuser. Cependant, en tant normal, Alexa rĂ©pond “Bonjour + le nom de la personne, qu’elle reconnait par la voix ).

La machine est personnalisable.



En fait, cet outil est interessant Ă  divers niveaux :

Outre le fait qu’Alexa  nous lance , les radios ( dont la nĂŽtre RadioSatellite) , nous avons pu lui demander de rajouter sur notre calendrier / agenda, divers Ă©vĂšnements.

Vocalement, nous lui demandons de rajouter” Alexa, rajoute sur la TO DO LIST, mon rendez vous demain Ă  16h00 Ă  Madame Dupond Ă  l’adresse XX Ă  Londres ou Ă  New York ou Paris

Ce rendez vous est rajoutĂ© immĂ©diatement sur un calendrier dĂ©jĂ  crĂ©Ă© aussi bien,  sur notre smartphone  que sur la machine (  Application qu’on a dĂ©jĂ  installĂ©, aussi, sur nos smartphones) .

alexa smartspeaker amazon

alexa smartspeaker amazon

Ne pas oublier que les “smartspeakers” fonctionnent en harmonie avec les “smartphones” ( ou tablettes) notamment lors du paramĂ©trage du dĂ©marrage.

Il suffit de lui demander le matin ” Alexa, il y a quoi sur ma TO DO LIST pour aujourd’hui?  ” et voilĂ …Alexa nous rappelle tout et nous n’avons plus aucun pretexte de louper une rĂ©union ou rendez-vous.

Nous pouvons supprimer “vocalement” aussi un rendez vous. Il sera supprimé  (aussi ) du calendrier existant sur notre smartphone.

Pour la France, nous avons pu dĂ©couvrir un calendrier ( c’est obligĂ©, il faut qu’il y ait un calendrier en SKILL pour le rapprocher avec la machine Alexa.)  :

Le calendrier   https://www.any.do/




En tout cas, c’est l’une des fonctions … Il existe des milliers de Skills ( Une sKILL c’est l’Ă©quivalent des applications pour smartphones). Skills Ă  activer sur Alexa. ( Contrairement aux apps des smartphones,  sur ces machines, nous n’installons pas de Skill…Pas de tĂ©lĂ©chargment…c’est juste l’activation ou la dĂ©sactivation => DĂ©sactivation  par dĂ©faut )

Pour revenir à Alexa  amazon:

C’est un vrai assistant personnel , cet outil. La qualitĂ© du son est plus que correcte. MĂȘme que nous pouvons connecter Alexa Ă  des enceintes  BlueTooth si l’on veut ( ce n’est pas obligĂ© mais c’est une option en plus Ă  notre disposition ).

Pour notre part, il nous sert pour l’instant de calendrier, de moteur de recherche vocal pour nous trouver un bon restaurant tous les midis, les itinĂ©raires, les grĂšves et pannes de transports en commun ou routiers. Evidemment pour Ă©couter les flash infos ou les radios etc..

Pour rĂ©sumer, Alexa est utile. Ce n’est pas “uniquement” un gadget Ă  offrir Ă  sa famille. C’est aussi un outil de travail pour une meilleure productivitĂ© et un calendrier  vocal / Ă©crit que les Ă©quipes peuvent mettre en commun pour le suivi des journĂ©es, rendez vous et TO DO LISTS

Logo App Alexa

Logo App Alexa



As we do ( from time to time ) we communicate to our readers and listeners,  the last stats of our 2 webradios ( Internet radio Stations)

For February, we have just received the stats concerning “RadioSatellite” for February 2019

Images show us , listeners by country. ( Number of listeners )


Everyone of you will find his / her country on the list (hope that we have listeners in your country )


Comme nous le faisons, de temps en temps, nous vous communiquons les chiffres des stats concernant nos webradios ( Radio en ligne sur internet )

Cette fois, ci, nous communiquons les chiffres de “RadioSatellite”

Les chiffres indiquent le nombre d’auditeurs / d’auditrices par pays.


Chacune / chacun d’entre vous, chers lecteurs, auditeurs, pourra retrouver son pays sur la liste ( En espĂ©rant que nous avons des auditeurs dans votre pays)





2TOP 21 A 40


3TOP 41 A 60

4TOP 61 A 85

5TOP 86 A 110

6TOP 111 A 130

7TOP 131 A 151




No comment, no words could express what we could feel in watching this video. Just Enjoy it. Like it, share it to your friends and readers …

Aucun mot, aucun commentaire ne pourrait exprimer nos sentiments suite au visionnage de cette vidĂ©o. Juste apprĂ©ciez lĂ  Ă  sa juste valeur. Likez, partagez… C’est Ă  vous






TOP 100

TOP 100 of countries / Listeners  for MARCH 2018

Listeners by country and by connection for RADIO SATELLITE

Reminder: Radio Satellite plays “instrumental” music (#JamesLast, #FaustoPapetti, #EnnioMorricone, #Zamfir….)

Radio Satellite2 : Plays Oldies Pop Rock music and also Some soft jazz programs and blues.  (#Eric_Clapton, #Elton_john, #JohnDenver, #Abba, #BeeGees, #TheCarpenters, #TheEverlyBrothers, #The_Statler_Brothers, #Beatles, #BarryWhite, #TomJones and more…)







TOP 80










SIR CLIFF RICHARD ( Harry Rodger Webb )



He started life as Harry Webb and spent some of his childhood years in India. Cliff Richard was inspired by the music of Elvis Presley and at age 16, formed a band, ‘The Quintones’, with school friends and performed at their local Youth Club. From there, Cliff Richard went from strength to strength and became a global star.Image


Having moved to India to help build a system of railways, Rodger Webb married Dorothy Dazely in 1939 and the following year the couple had a baby boy – Harry Rodger Webb.

Born in The King’s English Hospital in Lucknow, Harry was educated in Howrah, until his family moved to England in 1948, following Home Rule in India.

After a privileged life in India, the Webbs faced poverty, and were forced to sleep on mattresses at the houses of various relatives. In 1951, they were given a

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They were… They are

They are stars

We know them as we saw them in the movies.

But time has passed and everyone is changing.

Here how we knew them
Here they are now mature and greater than before







ART GARFUNKEL (Simon and Garfunkel 






Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden



BARRY GIBB  (Bee Gees )

barry gibb bee gees

barry gibb bee gees




Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan




cat stevens

cat stevens




David Mc Callum

David Mc Callum




Harison Ford

Harison Ford




Joan baez

Joan baez







SOUND OF MUSIC TEAM  ( Von Trapp family in movie)

Sound of music team

Sound of music team














Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks







Sources : Google