As we do ( from time to time ) we communicate to our readers and listeners,  the last stats of our 2 webradios ( Internet radio Stations)

For February, we have just received the stats concerning “RadioSatellite” for February 2019

Images show us , listeners by country. ( Number of listeners )


Everyone of you will find his / her country on the list (hope that we have listeners in your country )


Comme nous le faisons, de temps en temps, nous vous communiquons les chiffres des stats concernant nos webradios ( Radio en ligne sur internet )

Cette fois, ci, nous communiquons les chiffres de “RadioSatellite”

Les chiffres indiquent le nombre d’auditeurs / d’auditrices par pays.


Chacune / chacun d’entre vous, chers lecteurs, auditeurs, pourra retrouver son pays sur la liste ( En espérant que nous avons des auditeurs dans votre pays)





2TOP 21 A 40


3TOP 41 A 60

4TOP 61 A 85

5TOP 86 A 110

6TOP 111 A 130

7TOP 131 A 151



FOR 2016….Hope? A united planet


The world united   दुनिया एकजुट   le monde uni   die wêreld verenig

die Welt vereint  العالم متحد    העולם התאחד   աշխարհն միասնական   birleşik Dünya

аб’яднаная свет   един обединен свят    un món unit    一個團結的世界  

연합 세계    yon mond ini    en forenet verden    un mundo unido

ujedinjena svijet    ühendatud maailma  ერთიანი მსოფლიოს  

ένα ενωμένο κόσμο   az egyesült világ    dunia bersatu  

un mondo unito    ユナイテッドワールド     ក្នុងពិភពលោកមួយដែលមានសាមគ្គីភាព

ໂລກສະຫະປະຊາເປັນ   dunia yang bersatu    tafaray izao tontolo izao

F’dinja magħquda  een verenigd wereld   एक एकताबद्ध संसारमा

en forent verden    جهان متحده     zjednoczony świat    um mundo unido

o lume unită   объединенная мир   уједињени свет  zjednotenej svet 

en enad värld  dunya ngahiji    dunia ya umoja   உலக ஒற்றுமை

sjednocené svět    โลกที่สหรัฐ   об’єднана світ    một thế giới thống nhất

ਨੂੰ ਇੱਕ ਸੰਯੁਕਤ ਸੰਸਾਰ


A 2015 Travel Retrospective


2015 was one of the biggest years of our lives. Not because of the trips we took, but because we welcomed a daughter into this world. And not without a fair bit of drama.

Parenthood is likely the greatest journey we’ll ever embark on, but that doesn’t mean that our travels to different parts of the globe will stop. In fact, I can’t wait to take our little Naia on her first trip!

What are the odds that she inherited the travel bug from us?

For the first time, in a very long time, Agri and I spent the beginning of a year on 2 different continents. He, with his family in Toronto, Canada, and me, here in Seoul, celebrating with friends. However, I couldn’t let him get a trip ahead of me, so I booked myself a last minute trip to Hong Kong. Mostly to escape Seoul’s windy…

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