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Nous avons sélectionné quelques photos / images juste pour le fun.

Images drÎles à partager bien sûr

Funny pictures to share of course

Don’t hesitate to share this article ( just for those images)


Translation :


Left text :

Waow that’s very modern… Rich, Light  in weight like a smartphone

No losing time in downloadine..working without electricity.. what is it??

Right text :

It’s called…A book





Translation :

Hey, I was plucked on a beautiful sunny tree … What about you?? from where are you coming?




I know nothing in saving life…But I’m wondering about the  girl on the right of this photo !!!





Policeman : Any drugs?? coke? alcohol?

Driver : No thanks, I have everything i need 🙂






Heroes / HĂ©ros

Une petite vidĂ©o qui nous montre qu’il existe encore des hĂ©ros prĂȘts Ă  tout pour sauver nos amis Ă  4 pattes

A short video that shows us that there are still heroes ready to do anything to save our four-legged friends

here is a video from Facebook




Some videos

Some videos for you dear listeners of RadioSatellite2

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