So , okay, I’m an island girl.

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I was taken aback when a co-worker asked me where I was born鈥β I answered the Philippines, of course鈥 then he said, 鈥 I mean, on what island .?????鈥 I thought for a minute before replying鈥.Uhm鈥 Luzon Island ???


I聽 told him I鈥檇聽聽always thought of my birthplace聽 as a country聽and聽not an island聽聽 ( if that makes sense).聽Well, the Philippines is comprised of 7, 641 islands ( or 7, 107聽聽at 聽high tide, ha ha ) ,聽and though I find 聽his question 聽a bit strange, I have to admit it 聽 makes聽 sense鈥β After all, the former name of the Philippines was聽 Las Islas Filipinas ( as a Spanish colony.. .. islas means islands ) , Philippine Islands ( as 聽American colony) , Commonwealth of the Philippines, ( still American colony) , then Republic of the Philippines ( after independence)


So, I ran off to tell my Filipino co-worker and she was鈥

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