Damian Muller鈥檚聽ORIGINAL & refreshing songs will make you laugh, sometimes cry, and always smile.聽鈥淵OU鈥橵E STILL GOT IT鈥澛爄s his second CD of his own songs that will touch your heart with his real-life, uplifting, humorous, and poignant stories. The CD features an ALL-STAR CAST of incredible musicians:聽Jim Van Cleve, Aaron Ramsey, Seth Taylor, Russ Carson, and tight blend of smooth family harmonies.

Damian is a long-time Richmond, VA songwriter and performer.

In addition to being an award-winning bluegrass bassist, Damian is currently the principal bassist for The Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra.

Produced by聽Jim Van Cleve & Damian Muller
Recorded by聽David Hall聽at Studio Studio, Franklin, TN

1.聽THERE鈥橲 NO FUTURE LIVING IN THE PAST聽鈥 Hard Driving Bluegrass – about meeting someone from your past. It may take you back to that time in your life, but you can鈥檛 spend your life looking back.

2.聽HALF AND INCH OF SNOW聽鈥 Hilarious yet true story whenever it snows anywhere in the south. Upbeat acoustic swing style.

3.聽THE BEAUTY OF AMERICA聽鈥 A poignant patriotic ballad for our time – Inspired by the many good things in this country that make us proud to be Americans.

4.聽YOU鈥橵E STILL GOT IT聽鈥 a Bouncy Bluegrass Song – Everyone who鈥檚 been in a relationship a long time wants to hear that they鈥檝e still got it.

5.聽GALAX STATE OF MIND聽鈥 Upbeat Bluegrass – There鈥檚 nothing quite like spending a week at the fiddlers convention in Galax, Virginia playing music night and day.

6.聽CLAP YOUR HANDS聽– Bluegrass Gospel 鈥 Everyone and every church has many reasons to celebrate!

7.聽ON MY WAY聽鈥 a touching true story about someone who lived his faith every day of his life.

8.聽THINGS ARE LOOKING UP聽鈥 Hard Driving & Lighthearted Bluegrass – This is for anyone who found their true love the second time around.

9.聽NEVER TOO OLD聽鈥 Acoustic ballad any baby boomer or senior can relate to. It鈥檚 never too old to find love & happiness.

10.聽SHENANDOAH HOME聽鈥 Upbeat Bluegrass – Going to Shenandoah National Park always feels like going home. However, for folks whose families lived there before it was a park, going home takes on a different meaning.

11.聽BE NOT AFRAID聽– a wonderful Bluegrass Gospel Quartet inspired by the scriptures.

12.聽LOVE LIVES FOREVER聽– a touching Bluegrass Ballad about remembering our grandparents鈥 love 鈥 and wanting to pass that love on to our own grandchildren.

13.聽LONG WAY TO GO聽鈥 an exciting, upbeat Gospel Bluegrass Quartet with terrific harmonies & a great message.


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