Une artiste américaine qui a vécu près de 8 années en France



 Après avoir passé 8 ans en France.  Victoria est revenue à San Antonio au Texas à
l’âge de 12 ans;



commençant le chant et la guitare un an après, elle a réussi en 3 ans. a sortir
2 albums complets de chansons originales ainsi que un EP produit et écrit avec Jeff Blue le
producteur et découvreur de Likkin Park et Macy gray entre autre.



De plus Victoria se place régulièrement en finale de concours de chants et de musique;
notamment deux fois en 2eme place de l’ISC (International Songwriting Competition) category
teen, se distinguant parmi 20000 candidats payants.

“Homework” un nouveau single, raconte une nuit sans sommeil de Victoria qui essaye de faire
ses devoirs en retard! après avoir été sur les “charts” de itunes 99 fois (dans différents pays)
avec son premier single “In the World”, ce nouveau single sera lui aussi promu par l’application
Video Star de l’Iphone/Ipad le 26 Septembre.

ImageVictoria Celestine picked up the guitar at age 13 with Bobby Flores, at his Bulverde Academy
of Music, and began writing songs the following summer (2010). Gordon Raphael, (producer –
Regina Spektor, the Strokes) caught her singing during the next Christmas holidays , and
invited her to record her first 7 songs acoustically.Image

The following April, she recorded her debut album at 14, “From the Outside”, with Jacob Sciba,
at Pedernales Studios, in Austin, TX. She received “Best Female Teen Artist of the Year”, from
Indie Music Channel at the House of Blues in Hollywood, and then received 2nd place (teen
category) from the International Songwriting Competition for the song “In The World”, as well
as Honorable Mention for the song “From the Outside” (performance category). April 2012,

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Victoria co-wrote and recorded 3 singles with Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Macy Gray) and Mike
Gonsolin in Hollywood (“The Story of Us”, “Mother”, and “It Only Gets Better”) which have been
released. Her first music video (of the song “In the World”), has been distributed by Pulse
Records to 8000 retailers, (including Sam’s Club, where it has recently been played).Image


The same song caught the attention of Video Star, who featured it on their popular app for iphone/ipad in
Jan.2013 which propped her #42 on USA iTunes Music chart. The song “Mother” as well has
been featured by VideoStar for mother’s day week. She received again the 2nd place Prize from
the ISC 2012 with the song Drift Away .

ImageHaving turned 17, Victoria has finished recording her latest album “Back home in San Antone” which is expected to be released in few weeks.

In the mean time Video Star is featuring one of her new song “Homework” on Thursday September
26th  which has just been released digitally.






She was born on July 14, 1991, and is the only daugther in her family. She has only had permission to sing in public for when she was nineteen years old.


Her father imposed a ban on the classically trained singer as an infant but with her mother’s help she secretly trained her voice. Sisca is a fresh new talent that has only just begun to be unleashed.South East Asian based Sisca has been singing since the age of 3 and as a teenager turned away from popular music to follow the road much less travelled.


Sisca chose to pursue classical training and found a voice that rang true in the range and emotion that classical music offers.

Sisca’s father forbade his sheltered daughter to perform in public in order to protect her.It was her mother however who had the most influence on her. Her mother initiated her vocal training and helped Sisca evade her father to pursue her dreams. Sisca’s mother’s persistence and constant reassurance has led to the ban on public performance being lifted allowing Sisca to blossom into a talented and gifted performer.



She chooses to write about issues on a larger scale rather than then the mundane in an attempt to rally us behind her. Sisca chooses provocative topics and poses questions about life journeys, nature, the environment and world events. A level of drama is also apparent in her songs. Encapsulating her need to express herself artistically juxtaposed with the knowledge of the only recent freedom to do so.


Her debut original album titled ‘Impermanent Life’ has been written and recorded with some of the best contemporary writers and producers in Australasia. Audius and Leon King are responsible for some of the highest charting Australian releases reaching certified platinum sales and number ones in Australia and UK.Sisca’s music is a contradiction of sorts. Her lyrics have both a maturity well beyond her years and experience; with an uplifting and optimistic tone that only a person of her youth and naivety could deliver.Image


Sisca was she was fast-tracked to have intensive vocal courses with renowned Conductor Avio Priatna Sisca also honed her craft while studying law at the University of Pelita Harapan.She lists her main musical influences as Sarah BrightmanJosh GrobanAndrea Bocelli, Allesandro Safina and outlines her adoration for Cecilia Bartoli. With these diverse musical icons in mind she has strived to create an album well beyond her years. Armed with an album full of diverse and glistening songs, and with permission to perform, Sisca is ready to take on the world.Image