adorable cat

Un chat qui sait ce qu’il veut

A cat who knows what he wants



Le chat sait que la personne est sourde. Donc il exprime par les gestes pour lui faire comprendre qu’il veut manger lui aussi : => Au lieu de Miauler


The cat knows that the person is deaf. So he expresses with gestures to make him understand that he wants to eat too:  =>  Instead of meowing




I want to eat says the cat


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Racetrack Playa is home to an enduring Death Valley mystery. Littered across the surface of this dry lake, also called a “playa,” are hundreds of rocks — some weighing as much as 320 kilograms (700 pounds) — that seem to have been dragged across the ground, leaving synchronized trails that can stretch for hundreds of meters.Death_Valley

What powerful force could be moving them? Researchers have investigated this question since the 1940s, but no one has seen the process in action — until now.

In a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE on Aug. 27, a team led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, paleobiologist Richard Norris reports on first-hand observations of the phenomenon.

Because the stones can sit for a decade or more without moving, the researchers did not originally expect to see motion in person. Instead, they decided to monitor the rocks remotely by installing a…

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Il construit des pianos de 5 mètres de hauteur (vidéo)

#Piano #Music #Musique

Etrange et Insolite

David Klavins est un pianiste qui, pendant des années, n’a pas pu trouver de pianos produisant les sons qu’il imaginait dans sa tête.

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Le Manneken-Pis, la fontaine bruxelloise qui gaspillait son eau (vidéo)

Le Manneken-Pis, la fontaine bruxelloise

#Bruxelles #Mannekenpis #Belgium #Belgique

Etrange et Insolite

À Bruxelles, les touristes viennent en nombre pour voir le Manneken-Pis uriner de l’eau. Mais la ville était loin de se douter que ce petit jet générait un grand gaspillage.

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