RS est la webradio pour la musique instrumentale

RS2 est la webradio  pop / Rock / Blues, Country et chansons soft Jazz


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RS2 :




RS is the internet radio station for all style of instrumental music : Love, Lounge, chill…

RS2 is the Internet radio station for Oldies Pop / Rock, Blues, country and soft jazz songs


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RS2 :







  1. Awesome format and sharing ‘Oldie Songs’ they certainly do not make songs like they used to. In fact my husband feels this way with his classic country, (George Jones, Merle Hagard, Charlie Pride and the list goes on!) He thinks new country is a “travesty”! Thank you so much for stopping by our blog, my gratitude is yours, ~Allie

  2. Tks for your message allie.

    There was a special 1 hour for George jones.

    For country: he is 100% right. In fact, i feel the same for all musics. Not for country music only. It seems that those days, there is a lak of creativity and computers replaced instruments and orchestras. Wishing you a good day ( here it’s already evening ).

  3. Hi Both ( allie and Husband) 🙂 Well, following your message, I wanted to do something “special” for my radio’s programs…that’s why, tomorrow ( 07 th of Aug) around 10h10- 10h20 PM ( paris time… I don’t know about the corresponding time in your state / area in USA ? )

    there will be a special “country music for more than 1 hour 45…the last 20 tracks (so the last 40 minutes of my program will be for Merle Haggard)…

    You gave me this idea without knowing 🙂

    hoping that your husband ( and you) will be able to listen to those tracks and songs. ( On if you’re using your smartphones…or on Itunes…or on this blog of course…) Hello from Paris 🙂 Pierre

  4. I am so glad I found this page! I am currently listening tp Radio Satellite live right now. I am young but old songs really change my mood in a very good way every time I listen to them. Nostalgic and I don’t know why. 🙂

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